The Wladyslaw Hasior Art School Complex in Koszalin

The Wladyslaw Hasior Art School Complex in Koszalin consists of:

  1. The General School of Fine Arts, which is a six-year-long school educating at a three year „gimnazjum” level (roughly equivalent to secondary education in Great Britain) and a three year „liceum” level (similar to the British Sixth Form). Admission for students after leaving primary school at the age of 13.
  2. The Secondary School of Fine Arts is a four-year-long school for students after leaving a traditional „gimnazjum” at the age of 16.

Candidates to both schools need to pass the entrance exam which comprises two parts:

  1. The practical part – it is an exam which aims to check candidates’ predispositions to artistic creativity and their aesthetic sensibility.
  2. The theoretical part, which is an oral exam – in The General School of Fine Arts the range of the material is limited to Art as taught at primary school, whereas in The Secondary School of Fine Arts candidates have to prove their interest in a chosen field of art and cultural phenomena.

Apart from typical comprehensive education, the school offers artistic training based on the Ministry of Culture programmes. The artistic subjects are:

  •     History of Art;
  •     Design Basis;
  •     Painting and Drawing;
  •     Sculpture;
  •     Photography;
  •     Computer Aided Design;
  •     four specialisations to choose from: Artistic Ceramics, Graphic Design, Wood Carving, Tapestry Classes.

Having finished their education, the students take the diploma exam which again consists of both practical and theoretical parts:

  •     During the practical part the students present their diploma pieces in front of a commission. The diploma piece constitutes the summary of knowledge and the skills the students had acquired during their specialisation classes.
  •     The theoretical part is an exam in History of Art.
  • After successfully passing the diploma exam, our students are granted the title of an artist. The graduates may also take the external „Matura Exam” which can be compared to the British A level exam.

The students of our school may use the Music School Dormitory House in Fałata 32, Koszalin or The School Complex No.10 Dormitory House in Gnieźnieńska 8, Koszalin.


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 Protokół XV Biennale Rysunku i Malarstwa Klas Młodszych Szkół Plastycznych w Koszalinie







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